IHX’s intelligent engines are able to extract and structure data from any type of medical document formats including scanned images, and the structured data can be used to generate actionable insights and automate adjudication processes.

Insurers, pharma companies, diagnostic laboratories, new age medical aggregators and other such entities who need structured information to enable efficient decision making and optimize operating costs will benefits from IHX’s offering.

IHX’s cloud platform connects more than 11,000 hospitals and enables easy integration with major payers. The platform is HIPAA /HITRUST compliant and is able to ingest data from multiple data sources through various APIs including REST, GraphQL and also HL7 / FHIR formats including JSON / XML.

Analytical Solutions

Medication Library

ICD / SNOMED registry

Hospital Credentialing

Hospital Consumables Patterns

The Platform exposes APIs for third party applications and client applications to build applications on top of the platform.

Key Features

Modern Cloud Hosted Technology Stack
Structured Data Exchange
Integrated Medical Dictionaries
AI/ML and NLP Algorithms
HIPAA / GDPR Compliance
Application Development APIs
Government APIs
Plug & Play Connectors